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COOL Mobility Projects

"COOL in Chinese means intelligence, someone who is able to read between the lines, to foresee events and therefore take the necessary and appropriate actions." This is our Mission

We aim to develop both our own and other people's ideas to commercial reality to improve the options of the disabled community. All too often designs are functional but not very attractive. We want to show that both are possible, and not just in regards to wheelchairs.

Kangan Roo (now referred to as Kangaroo ®) Power Wheelchair

Primarily we are in discussions with potential manufacturers of our electric power wheelchair that is based around a titanium manual wheelchair frame with a three wheeled power module added on. Allowing shortening of the wheelbase for indoor maneuverability, or electrically extending for outdoor cruising at speed. At only 44 kg or 98 lbs total weight, including high tech NiMH batteries and able to mount a 150 mm or 6" step independently, this versatile design shows what a 'sports power chair' could look like and yet be able to revert to a manual chair at times when power is not required.

Elbow Crutches

We are investigating the feasibility of making light weight custom crutches, that use a variety of advanced materials, to provide a quality and attractive option for long-term elbow crutch users.

Other products will be promoted after we progress further, So bookmark this website for future updates.


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