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Pitch on Australian Anthill Magazine Oct/Nov 2007

USA Tech Guide review

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Welcome to Cool Mobility SALES AREA

We sell Wheelchair Bits along with Yacht Bits in Australia, at reasonable pices. Pay with PayPal through our shop for rapid delivery, or contact us directly by e-mail.

I fitted Frog Legs to my manual wheelchair three years ago and found the ride improved out of site. I was worried that they would make transfers less stable but as a C5-C6 quad I have not noticed any problems.

Now there are "Big Rig" Frog Legs for power wheelchairs that take 8" x 2" wheels and can provide up to 40mm travel. Built incredibly strong but light and good looking, with 5/8" extra strong spindles they will retrofit to most power chairs. Frog Legs make all the difference in the castors not transmitting all the vibration and shocks to the chair and user.

Although expensive they don't seem to wear out like most wheelchair parts - I'm still even using the original six year old wheels as rollers on my boat, but only because the alloy hub style had changed and I felt I had to use the current style. So I decided to import only original "Frog Legs" castors, parts and wheels, as the quality is so fantastic. I wanted to make them more affordable so compare prices and you'll see the difference.



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