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Welcome to COOL Mobility

"COOL in Chinese means intelligence, someone who is able to read between the lines, to foresee events and therefore take the necessary and appropriate actions." This is our Mission

Cool Mobility is a company that has a mission to commercialise technology designed and conceived by Colin Johanson and Moira McEwan, as well as others. They both believe that products for use by the disabled community should use the best technology and be attractive. If a person has to use a mobility aid, it should be attractive, as light as possible and using the most advanced appropriate technology, to obtain optimum performance for the human technology combination.

Most people see mobility equipment first and then the person. We hope to make the equipment that is  less obvious such that, the person is visually   dominant while their required equipment becomes less dominating and attractive. There is also the aspect of having people so interested in the technology that they forget about any preconceptions about people with a disability and ask about the gear they use.

Colin had a hang gliding accident in 1977 that left him a quadriplegic from a spinal injury. He has found that people's curiosity is often much stronger than their reservations about talking to a person with a disability. This can be a very positive 'ice breaker' whereby a person's mobility equipment can be a positive aspect to socialisation and hence acceptance, when design effort is used to make that equipment more 'funky', attractive and technologically interesting.

Please Note:

COOL Mobility is currently also investigating further developing, then commercialising and selling technology developed in a major American University, through collaboration with the original designers

We are also interested in developing further designs that people would like and invite consumers to submit product ideas that they would like to see commercially available. We are happy to possibly help budding designers to discuss their ideas under protection of a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) that binds us to confidentially discussing design ideas. Commercialising a design is very complex, expensive and is not an easy road to follow without problems.

We currently have MNDAs with three USA manufacturers, two Chinese manufacturers, one Slovenian company, MOUs with American and Hong Kong manufacturers, and two American Universities.

Selling the TEMPLATER -TemplaterAngle and Shape Duplicator Tool

No more guesswork – with Templater you can easily replicate awkward angles and shapes for a precise and professional finish! Simply adjust the arms of the Templater to match the shape and tighten the thumbnuts to lock it in place. Then mark up and cut the tile – it’ll fit perfectly every time – on wall or floor tile – it couldn’t be easier to get the perfect template!

The V-Lock - Universal Mounting System

V-Lock imagesCool Mobility Pty Ltd is now the
sole Australian and S E Asia Agent
for the novel new
V-lock Universal Mounting System




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